We realize how long and frustrating it takes to call a store and get an answer to a fashion question. So we created a 24/7 access for all your TULA fashion needs.

The Grove West, Tula “The Boutique”
(732) 219-8888 during store hours

Fashion Emergencies:
(646) 479-6557 after store hours or text us any time…

Concierge Service that will fix any fashion emergency!!!

Imagine this! You get invited to a last minute event. You open your closet to find, nothing. Nothing fits right, nothing looks good, and of course you have to leave in a few hours.

You reach for your phone and quickly dial the number to the only person who can fix a problem like this; your bff……..

She grabs everything she has. Knowing your size and style she arrives with TULA bags full of lavishing fashions, jewelry & shoes and puts together the perfect outfit just in time for you to run out the door and arrive “fashionably late”.

Just place a call to 732.219.8888 during store hours or 646.479.6557 after hours and we will make ourselves available to you.

Personal Shopping Services

Have you ever been in a style rut? Who’s the person you call who grabs things out of her own closet and comes running to the rescue. She knows how to put together the most stylish outfits, fully accessorized and all. Your BFF of course! Let TULA be your new best friend. She will come running to the rescue with a bag full of everything you need to look fabulous. You will be dressed from head to toe accessorized and all.

Personal Shopping by Appointment at TULA

Anytime that is convenient for you, early morning before your workout or after dinner the Tula BFF’s are ready to style you. Call (646)479-6557 to schedule an in store meeting by appointment. We will consult via phone to determine your needs. When you come in we will have a few looks ready for you to try on and a BFF all for you. We will have you looking stylish with some fresh new outfits in no time.

This service is free.

Fashion Emergency

You are at the office and you just got a call for a date. No time to change, call TULA and your BFF will run over with some sexy top options. You are running out the door and all your dresses seem passe. TULA BFF’s to the rescue. BFF’s will meet you for any fashion emergency within a 30 mile radius.

$30 an hour plus purchases

Closet Essentials

“Why is it so hard to get dressed in the morning?” What is in fashion this season? You buy and buy but you never have a finished look. It’s sometimes difficult to figure out what essentials you need in your closet for a perfect wardrobe. Let the TULA BFF’s help you look stylish in a cinch! Call (646)479-6557 to schedule an in home meeting to discuss your lifestyle and determine your wardrobe needs. We will go thru your closet and determine what you can wear that you have in your closet, what can be given to good will and what essentials you might be missing. With the right essentials, dressing will be made simple. You will leave with a list of essentials or key pieces that you need to update your look.

$75.00 per hour

Seasonal Style Guide

“What shoes, what belt, I am not good at figuring it out!” Schedule an appointment with a BFF to put together some outfits using the same pieces to make several outfits. We can create day to night looks using many of the same pieces so that you do not have to spend a fortune creating a wardrobe. We will then e-mail you photographs of your completed looks so that you have a reference.

$75.00 per hour

Closet Makeover

Life can be busy and speed by, let’s face it you’re not spending the day cleaning your closet. If your closet looks like a rainbow exploded, you are ready for a closet makeover! This is for the person who hangs sweaters with tank tops and who never lets go of clothing. TULA BFF’s will provide a merchandising overhaul. We will change hangers, refold, reorganize by color and season and put some order back in your closet.

$50 initial consultation to determine needs
$100 per hour
**hangers and storage bins not included