Angela Secul - Tula Clothing StoreTwo boutiques packed with the latest fashions; one is nestled away in the Grove West in Shrewsbury, NJ and the second is located in Sea Girt Square, near the quaint town of Spring Lake, NJ.

The moment you cross the threshold, a sweet aroma provided by store diffusers render the welcoming feel TULA is notorious for. Anything you can possibly need can be found here! Rare garments and accessories will captivate any shopaholic who enters. Beautiful one-of-kind jewelry can be perfectly paired with an outfit found within the store. Not to worry about a specific size or style, TULA has something for all their customers! I promise you’ll love the store, but can’t promise you won’t leave with a shopping bag in your hand!

This is the story of a petite fashionista with a big dream… and it goes a little something like this…

The mastermind behind TULA started off her career in fashion by moving to the Big Apple. She worked with fabulous designers such as Gianni Versace, Emmanuel Ungaro, and Escada. But, as all Jersey girls do, she returned to her roots. Angela decided TU-share her talent and desire; TU-inspire style at the Jersey shore.